A green Christmas and holiday wishes.

At long last, the inclination to post again! It has been a tumultuous year, it seems.  Finishing up projects at home, travel, helping our sons, and all that everyday life entails..... 


The above photo was taken Christmas Eve morning....the sun shining into the garden room, lighting up the Father Christmas figure, and turning the dull browns and greens of a December garden, into an beautiful emerald green.   A far cry from past Christmases in Canada!  

I wish happiness and joy to all my readers, friends and colleagues in the blogosphere...health, happiness and the gifts of family and friends close at hand.  In a precarious world, peace and comfort to so many less fortunate than I....I pray for old fashioned virtues and beliefs that I had growing up, faith, honesty, and love, to strengthen our families and our nations...Merry Christmas and the very best wishes for 2016!