Better than ice cream!!!

One of the highlights of my summer was the having the opportunity to view and hear the exceptional, Quartetto Gelato, through Music Niagara....

" Romantic tenor arias and gypsy pyrotechnics with breathtaking virtuosity..." was the order of the night!

Performing in historic St.Mark's Church in Niagara on the Lake, the evening for me was absolutely magical. Being a lover of classical music and opera, I was transported listening to the magnificent musicians in this group..

Nicola Salerno's, the tenor in the group, performance of Catari, an old Neopolitan love song, which my Dad used to sing, warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes...
Under Paris Skies and La Vie on Rose, was almost like sitting at a cafe in Paris,

"....dry humour and occasional clowning are part of the quartet's arsenal, yet first it meets the requisite virtues of skilled music making....."
quoted from The Los Angeles Times

If you are afforded the opportunity to see and hear this internationally acclaimed group,
don't won't be disappointed!!!
The name Quartetto Gelato is truly indicative of the fun you will have...unlike a scoop of your favourite ice cream, only better!!!

Please excuse the poor quality upload...I give up!

Hope you are enjoying what is left of this beautiful summer!

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